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About Kâsteaux

What defines a community if not culture? Music and art are the foundation of our identity, they are essential to our national wellbeing. In music, people find strength and happiness. Our goal is to promote the power of classical chamber music. We want to inspire generosity and have you re-discover music through the eyes of Kâsteaux


That’s why each year, we handpick a group of musicians who are not only rising stars in the musical world but who also have musical philosophies that match beautifully.  The chemistry between the musicians at Kâsteaux will be felt immediately and will immerse you in a whirlwind of emotions and wonder. 

Kâsteaux is more than a great concert in a beautiful location, we also offer delicious food and drinks to please all the senses.  Our passion for the environment has encouraged us to be innovative with our cheese platters which we created by upcycling wooden wine crates. We promise never to use plastic at our festival, we want to be ecologically responsible and in harmony with the botanical surroundings.  Our music is pure, our food is bio and our atmosphere is unmatched.


Kâsteaux” originates from the words for castles in Dutch and French: Kastelen & Châteaux. The castle setting, concerts, musicians and atmosphere offered by Kâsteaux create an unforgettable experience. Join us and be a part of Kâsteaux.

Marc Sabbah

Artistic Director

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