About Kâsteaux

Kâsteaux is a mix of the word castles in Dutch and French: Kastelen & Châteaux.  The 'x' makes it plural, allowing us to move the festival to multiple castles throughout the year.  I have always wanted to create an experience whereby the listener is king/queen.  The castle setting adds to this sensation as well the quality of the concerts, musicians and atmosphere offered by Kâsteaux.  

I have handpicked a group of musicians who are not only rising stars in the musical world but whos musical philosophies match beautifully.  The chemistry between musicians at Kâsteaux will be felt immediately and immerse the public in a tornado of emotions and wonder.

A great concert in a beautiful botanical garden must be accompanied by delicious food and drinks.  My passion for the environment has led me to get creative with our cheese platters, finding wooden wine crates and dismantling them, rendering them safe to eat from, we have upcycled an item that would otherwise go to waste. Our music is natural, our food is bio, our wine and beer are appetising and our atmosphere is unmatched.


NO PLASTIC will be used during our festival. Our goal is to be ecologically responsable, fitting perfectly with the botanical surroundings.  

Our goal is to expand Kâsteaux festival into a series of concerts throughout the year and to become synonymous with excellent chamber music concerts and unforgettable expreiences. Join us and be a part of Kâsteaux.

Marc Sabbah

Artistic Director

Don't be shy,
the musicians
will be around 
for a chat during
the break.
Making Cheese Boards

One of the many pieces will be playing at Kâsteaux

Dohnanyi Serenade III