What defines a community if not culture? Music and art are the foundation of our identity, they are essential to our national wellbeing. In music, people find strength and happiness. Our goal is to promote the power of classical chamber music. We want to inspire generosity and have you re-discover music through the eyes of Kâsteaux.


To be announced...

Our homemade food & drinks

Kâsteaux is serious about good food and drinks. We've made sure that our homemade hummus platters, cheese boards and wine selection was locally sourced and handmade for our guests.

The artists of Kâsteaux

Here's a look at some of our talented musicians from 2019.

A look back at Kâsteaux 2019

With Covid-19 being the cause of so many cancellations, we

wanted to relive the 1st edition Kâsteaux Chamber Music Festival.

How did you hear about Kâsteaux?

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